08 Jun 2015 09:27:22
Do you think that Stoke City, if they are to move forward as a club, need to replace Jonathon Walters?

On the one hand, he provides the graft, grit and aerial prowess that is particularly useful in English football.

On the other, he lacks the technical quality of the better players.

Would you stick with him for his workrate, or look to upgrade his technique?

1.) 13 Jun 2015
13 Jun 2015 12:04:54
That's a tricky one. He does put in a full shift but just misses out on that touch of class and he is 31. Could well depend on who we bring in on whether he stays. We do know that Coates does believe in trying to move players on while still have some value( Not that we have managed to do that very well )

Latest list of "potential" candidates to join is endless but seems Mark Hughes is on holday as Scholes has been fielding all enquiries so far.

I think we will bring in four.

Right back defensive/or attacking mid fielder, a
winger and a striker

2.) 21 Jun 2015
21 Jun 2015 18:42:28
I reckon we'll keep him but his role will become that of a clear squad player.
His work ethic, commitment and ability to pop up for a few goals in a season makes him a valuable 'option' but I believe Stoke want and need an upgrade.
I think with the signing of Joselu and ongoing rumours for a new winger signify the end of the starting XI role for Walters.