26 Jun 2015 13:48:38
Any of you Stoke fans a little worried that you are selling up Begovic? he's arguably the best keeper in the league minus De Gea and Courtois and seems to have a very level head on him and has shown good dedication to your club. Now the talk is you will sell him to Villa? A transfer like that could bring your 2 clubs closer together in terms of strength even with Tim Sherwood managing them. Butland is nothing special and never will be. He would not be getting a mention as a premier league no.1 if he was not english. Worrying times ahead for you guys.

1.) 05 Jul 2015
05 Jul 2015 18:10:30
Not as concerned about loosing Begovic as I would have been in any other pre-season. Butland has proved himself (in lower leagues, cup runs and in a few games near the end of last season) and will definitely be able to fill the void. He's already got loads of class, great distribution, and looks set to quickly become a fully fledged top class keeper.
However, there is absolutely zero chance that Begovic will go to Villa. Begovic is already number 1 at Stoke and Villa would be a step backwards for him. Begovic will only move for Champions League football as he rightfully believes that's where he belongs.